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Instruction Book - Extended Edition Now Available -

'Yes You Can Play Like Mississippi John Hurt' 


Image of Mississippi John Hurt courtesy of Jeff DOttavio 

A beginners' guide taking you step-by-step through the basic techniques for fingerpicking in the style of Mississippi John Hurt. Includes:


  • simple modifications to get more out of your guitar
  • basic fingerpicking techniques
  • bass patterns
  • treble patterns
  • chord shapes and modifications 
  • original tabs of SIX great Mississippi John Hurt songs; Stack O'Lee, See See Rider, Trouble I've Had All My Days, Boys You're Welcome, Nearer My God to Thee, If You Don't Want Me
  • detailed playing guide to each piece
  • each piece illustrated online with a YouTube video
  • biographical information on Mississippi John Hurt
  • guide to where to find the originals of the tabbed tunes on CD
  • superb full colour portrait covers featuring Mississippi John Hurt (as above)
  • coil bound to lay flat for easy reading with a guitar in your hands

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Hardcopy (43 pages)


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"You take the mystery out of playing these tunes. Thanks again!"  svgandalf2, Canada

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