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As a beginner it's great to have a tutorial this good . . . So thanks a bunch Thumbpicker! GilhamBob, UK.

I love MJH . . . been playing his music a long while . . . thanks for the lessons. 2blueband, USA.

Very good tuition! triplesod, UK.

What an AMAZING video! Very, very impressed! This is a song I have ALWAYS wanted to learn but have never found.
Thanks for your time on an EXCEPTIONAL video. You’re a very good and thorough teacher. I hope you are able to post more MJH songs.
svgandalf2, Canada

Thank you for the lessons--they are awesome. jp18517, USA.

Thank you very much kind sir! You are a star! Great song well taught - it must be because I've almost picked it up already. daveyman1974, UK. 

Thank you for posting. Slowing it down is so helpful. bolognacow, USA. 

This is great thumbpickr, you teach well. bazhartshorn, UK .

Nice lesson. ariellehunter, USA. 

Thx a lot! Very good lesson. elitecamper247, Germany. 

Great lesson, I bought his book on MJH, good buy well set out for beginners and intermediate players. dealer205, UK.

It's again another well-made video. Thank you for spending your time on these videos! 1337s, Bangladesh. 

Wonderful - thank you. have to learn this! wellbeyond, UK.

Another excellent and well thought-out
 instruction video. You take the mystery out of playing these tunes. Thanks again! svgandalf2, Canada.

Really liked the lesson. Hopefully, I can get the picking down. TheWood005, USA.

Very good video, nicely explained. mattbla, UK

I tried so many hours to learn it from record by ear. Thanks a million! I was able to get it in a matter of minutes. irtdar, USA

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Comments from Users
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